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Injury update

During the Dam-X event last October I’ve unfortunately injured myself trying a kabikuchi. I went to the hospital, got an X-ray done but it all seemed fine. So for the next few days I walked on crutches until the pain faded away. It was still pretty painful so I went to a physiotherapist, did 2 months of training to get it all fixed. There was quite some progress at first, but at some point it just stopped. The pain was less, but it was still there.



So I went to the hospital again around Christmas, they decided I would need to get an MRI. The waiting period to get this is pretty long, so I only got the MRI in february. The results just came in and well… it turns out I’ve torn two Lisfranc ligaments. I’ll have to walk around like in a cast for about 4 weeks, after those 4 weeks and get it checked out again.




March 6th I went to the hospital again to get my foot checked out. The cast was removed and it all seemed to be perfectly fine.. so thats cool. Now I’ll have a ‘walker’ (basically a massive removable plastic cast around my foot that helps to get used to walking) for 2 weeks and then I can start to train and get back in shape. It looks like I’ll be back on the water in 6 weeks!!