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              Movies 2021

              Movies 2020

Movies 2019

Interview Dutch regional television channel

H-108 – PWA World Tour 2019

Sylt competition

Pozo competition

Pozo training

Pozo Saga

Start of roadtrip 2019

Bonaire Final + Super Final Maaike vs Sarah

Bonaire Maaike Huvermann part 1 + part 2, filmed by Kuma Movie

Movies 2018

Video Vietnam training 2018

Movies 2017

Videos Oktober-December Jericoacoara Brazil

Film Forceful by Alex Mertens

Film Overdramatic by Alex Mertens

#Overdramatic – Oda, Maaike and Sarah Quita

Video’s Fuerteventura World Cup 2017

Winners final in the double elimination 2, edit by Kuma movie


Video NOS Sport WK Freestyle Fuerteventura 2017


Movies 2016

Video 2016 surfsessions in Bonaire, Fuerteventura, Pozo Izquierdo and Brouwersdam

Kuma movie video on Bonaire June 2016

Movies 2015

Autumn / winter training in Holland 2015/2016

Lagoon session Fuerteventura 2015, filmed by Kuma movie

Training Sardinia may 2015

Movies 2014

The indoor event in Warsaw, Poland. Women’s freestyle starts around 18:00 minutes

Starboard 2015 flare promo video

Naxos summer 2014

Kuma Movie video with the 1e double elimination day PWA Bonaire of my heats

Kuma Movie video with my heats on the 2nd double elimination PWA Bonaire

Windy winter weekend 2014

Fuerteventura summer 2013

Winter 2012-2013