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PWA Fuerteventura 2015

 FV15_fs_H108_0172The first day of the PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura World Cup saw extreme conditions, with wind speed up to 40 knots and extremely choppy waters, everybody had to push their limits to the fullest. I was using my Severne Freek 3,6 and SWAT 3,3, together with my Starboard flare 81. I was happy to show consistent heats landing spocks, grubby, flaka’s, shaka’s, loops and more. After loosing the semi-final against an amazing sailing Sarah-Quita I was happy to win the losers final against Arrianne Aukes and get a 3rd place in the first single elimination of the event!

On the second day of the PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura World Cup, the mens and women’s double elimination got completed as far as top 5 for the women and top 6 for the men. As I got a 3rd place in the single elimination I did not have to sail yet.

The third day of the PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura World Cup it was howling again, but this time there was (slightly) flatter water, which definitely suits me better! First up I had to face up Yoli de Brendt to defend my third place. I sailed a solid heat, landing all moves I wanted too, which also made me win the heat and secure the 3rd place. As I was happy to be on the third position, I felt no pressure battling with Oda Johanne for the second place. This actually helped me to sail an ever better heat and made me win this heat too! As I was super already stoked with my second place, I wanted to try some more radical moves like kono’s, burners and other power moves in the heat against Sarah for 1st place. As I’m not yet consistent in landing those, I had quite a lot of crashes in that heat and Sarah-Quita was able to win with a comfortable lead pulling out sick burners, culo’s and other sick moves. After the double was completed, the PWA started directly with the second single elimination. Again I was able to sail good heats, this time I was unfortunately missing a move in the semi-final against Oda Johanne which made me loose the heat. Once again I was able to win the losers final against Arrianne Aukes and secured the third place for the second single elimination. The second double elimination was started but there was no time the finish it.

The fourth day of the PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura World Cup saw lighter conditions and we were able to go on with the second double elimination. First I had to face Arrianne Aukes to defend my third place. After sailing my best heat of the competition I was happy to win the heat and get another third place. Knowing I was on the second place at the moment I felt quite some pressure, I was still able to sail a good heat, but getting it wrong with my flaka a few times made me miss 2 moves on the outside, however, also Oda Johanne missed 2 moves. After a very tight heat, I lost the heat with 0,5 point in a 2-1 decision. But still I’m extremely happy with my third place in the second double elimination.

On the final day of the PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura World Cup there was the third single elimination completed. At the start of the day Oda and myself were on a shared second place as we both had a third and a second place in the double eliminations. Once again I was happy to get in the semi-final. In the semi-final I had to face Oda Johanne again, which meant this heat would lead to who get the second and who get the third place in this event and overall. As Oda sailed an awesome heat landing very good moves, she won the heat, advanced in the final and got the 2nd place for the event. I was able to win the losers final again getting another third place.

At the end I am super stoked with my result, being third overall in the womens for the second time and become PWA Youth Freestyle Champion for the third time in a row! 🙂 🙂 🙂

A big thanks to …

  • Rene Egli Windsurfcenter for a organising a great event,
  • my sponsors : Starboard, Severne, Prolimit, Maui Ultra Fins, Zeil- en surfcentrum Brouwersdam, Urban Beach and ContinentSeven
  • my family and friends for their support

Can’t wait to hit the water again to train fullpower for next season!!!