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Naxos, august 2014

The PWA cDSC04386alender is finished for the overall ranking freestyle women. The only event left for this year is the indoor in Poland. The indoor in Poland doesn’t count for the overall ranking, which means that my overall 3rd place overall is for 99% sure… Why 99%?, well there still is the event in Margarita on the PWA calender, but as the political issues don’t seem to have changed, it is not likely that the event will be organised in 2014 .

I am super stoked knowing I am now on the overall 3rd place in the second year on tour, so I started my trip to Naxos more motivated as I ever was and ready to train even harder.

The trip to Naxos was quite long, since there is no direct flight going from Holland to Naxos. So we went from Düsseldorf to Mykanos by plane and from Mykanos to Naxos with a ferry the next day. The wind wasn’t strong, so we had enough time to settle down, give my foot a bit more rest and chill a bit. At the end the chilling turned more intro stressing, because the apartment we booked was overbooked and there was no other place for a respectable price… lucky enough Stam (the owner of the windsurf center) was with us, and helped us out finding another apartment..

Laguna beach park is the perfect spot for freestyle, it offers lots of different conditions. In 3 weeks time I have been using my 3.6 up untill 4.8. Even though the wind shifts a lot in force, the wind is still really stable. Not only the wind is perfect to improve your windsurfing skills. There is a big lagoon that offers flat water and choppy water, and there is a small lagoon that has some big chops with big periods coming in.

I have been training lots of moves, most of them new, like kono, shaka, shove-it and moves on my less favourite tack. I also trained moves I can do and make them more consistant. I improved my skills, learned a lot and had a really good time!

Thanks everybody for the help, the hospitality and the awesome time. Movie coming up this weekend.

Now let’s get ready for a really exiting experience: The  PWA Warsaw indoor! 🙂 EXITED!